I'm a shopaholic

Great! Admitting it is the first step to recovery. On the other hand, why stop? That pink top on Nordstrom.com is practically screaming your name and those heels on Zappos.com... don’t even get me started. You may be slightly addicted, but with Panelio.me, at least you’re going to be the most organized shopaholic on Earth

(and the one who gets the best deals!)

So many shopping sites and yet there’s no single place to store your discoveries for further evaluation. Each shopping site lets you save only the stuff they sell, but you want to be able to compare styles and deals from multiple online stores at the same time.


Panelio it! First, save the items you want to keep an eye on. Our super-smart code will turn the link into a panel, which is a mini screen shot of your item and the website it’s on.


Then, you can create folders and subfolders. Make notes. Organize. Prioritize. Arrange.


Finally, share it with your friends or keep it a secret. In most cases, you can even watch prices change without leaving Panelio.me.

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