I'm a music lover

There are some pretty dope tunes on Soundcloud, Youtube and Vimeo. If only there was a way to save them into custom lists and listen to them on your computer using a mix-and-match player.

As far as everyone else is concerned, you only listen to vinyl records on a vintage turntable which you acquired after selling your BMX and eating Ramen noodles for 3 months. In reality, sometimes you do venture to Soundcloud, Youtube or Vimeo and end up finding some pretty dope tunes. If only there was a way to save all those songs into custom lists and play them - gasp! - on your computer or smartphone using a magic mix-and-match player.

Panelio it! Panelio.me lets you save all your links - including Soundcloud songs and Youtube or Vimeo videos - as visual panels.  The result is a visually pleasing and insanely convenient list of links turned into thumbnails.


You can name them, label them or even write short notes next to each song. You can also create folders, which means you can categorize your music finds by artist, genre, or any other way you want.


When you’re ready to start listening, simply hit the play button. Our super sleek player will play songs from your playlists even when they’re combined with songs found on different sources.


Since these are also videos, you can watch them full screen or you can minimize the player while you’re doing other stuff on your computer or smartphone.

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