Why should I name my bookmarks?

Naming your bookmarks benefits you in many ways. First, it helps you find your bookmark faster. While our super-intelligent scanners scan each link for the most representative picture, not all website want to play nice (or they’re simply a little absent-minded and forget to indicate the correct picture). Even though visual cues on each card are very helpful, giving your bookmarks unique, descriptive names is still a must. Especially as your collection grows, it’s easy to scroll past your nameless bookmarks. 

In addition, everything you write is indexed by our site-wide internal search engine. Let’s say you come back to your Panelio.me account in a month and you are not able to find the tutorial on how to change a tire. After all, by now you have multiple folders and tens of bookmarks. If you named your bookmark "How to change a tire", it will pop up as soon as you start typing "How to change..." (even if you don’t remember which folder contains the bookmark in question). 

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