April 14, 2016 /

When we first launched, we got asked a lot whether was “an app.” Most of the time, we would nod and say, “yes, sure”. If the asker displayed any confusion or it was obvious that they wanted some clarification, we’d go ahead and say that by “app” we meant “ it’s a software designed to run inside a web browser.” In other words, it’s a web app.

Needless to say, to most people, “an app” means a “mobile app.”  While making a bona fide app was not viable for us (at least not yet) we came up with a compromise that so far has proved to be successful.

First of all, we’ve quietly launched an app-like interface in Windows store just a few weeks ago. What exactly is an “app-like interface”? It looks and acts like an app, and you can find it and install it on any compatible Windows phone.

Once installed, it will be saved on your phone just like any other app. It will feature our signature squirrel logo, so rest assured it won’t be confused with any other app currently running on a user’s smartphone.

When a user clicks on the app icon, it will take them to a sign up window. They can create their free account and start bookmarking with right away. The interface is so seamless that most users won’t even notice that they’re actually using in their browser… From the get-go, featured responsive design, so there was never an issue of the application not working right on smartphones.

What’s great about Windows is that an app like this can be downloaded and installed on any compatible device that runs on windows. So users can install it on their laptop, desktop and tablet in addition to your Windows phone. Either way, if you’re a new user, it acts as a seamless gateway to; if you’re a returning user, it acts as a glorified bookmark, which is definitely convenient to have on a phone when you just need to bookmark a link quickly.

Seeing quite a bit of interest and a steadily increasing number of downloads in the Windows Store, we’ve spent a few sleepless nights and created a similar app for the Android market (Google Play). It’s now up and running -- if you’re reading this, feel free to check it out.

We don’t have any immediate plans to release an iOS version of the app, but this might change.

If you’re a fan/user of, sending your friend to an app store might be the best way to introduce them to Also, if you truly enjoy, consider downloading the app and leaving a 5 star review either on the Windows Store or on Google Play. This will help us generate more traffic, more eyeballs, and more users, which in turn will allow us to develop more features and make the application even better.

About is a free bookmarking app designed to save, organize, annotate and share web links (bookmarks), including videos.  Links can be sorted in folders and subfolders and either retrieved privately from any browser or shared with select connections. Rather than being yet another social network, is a productivity tool loved by bloggers, researchers, writers, travelers, shoppers, and music lovers. also features custom player that allows building and playing back custom lists from YouTube or Vimeo videos and Soundcloud ir Mixcloud audio files. The app turns plain links into picture thumbnails allowing to sort through various bookmark collections with ease.