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April 24, 2016 /

Since we’ve launched last November, we’ve been fielding questions from good folks who stumble upon our website or even those who have already downloaded our app: is a social network?

The short answer is ‘No’, but let us explain a bit more…

In a completely unscientific poll of current users, about two thirds of them agreed that “it’s a positive quality” that is not a social network. A number of potential members declined to download the app based on their perception that is “a social network” and that they felt “they couldn’t handle another social network.”

It’s important to get it out there that creating yet another social network was never our intention. While users can socialize if they wish to do so, the application clearly favors collaboration and boosting productivity over sharing, reacting, and commenting.

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April 14, 2016 /

When we first launched, we got asked a lot whether was “an app.” Most of the time, we would nod and say, “yes, sure”. If the asker displayed any confusion or it was obvious that they wanted some clarification, we’d go ahead and say that by “app” we meant “ it’s a software designed to run inside a web browser.” In other words, it’s a web app.

Needless to say, to most people, “an app” means a “mobile app.”  While making a bona fide app was not viable for us (at least not yet) we came up with a compromise that so far has proved to be successful.

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